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Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
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In program:
Birthday Gift, dir. Guy Lichtenstein (Israel/Austria) 26′

Can an Australian tourist and an Israeli playboy in Jerusalem be connected by something more than a short romance?

Sensitivity, dir. Guillaume Bierry (France) 18′
The old lady and the robot, both frustrated with their physical condition, decide to switch bodies.

I’m Waiting, dir. Pello Gutierrez (Spain) 13′
Javier is a not-so-talented singer for an average band. One day, an unknown woman proposes to him to perform together. But does this even make sense?

Honesty, dir. Adam Porębowicz (Poland) 31′
Hot summer afternoon. A block of flats made of a large slab. Four friends on the verge of adulthood spend a holiday day together in the absence of their parents. An ordinary, at first glance, posiadówka begins to lose its carefree appearance over time.

Total duration: approx. 90 minutes