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Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
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After the screening, we invite the audience to a discussion. Join us!

In program:
Malibu, dir. Teresa Kuhn (Germany) 20′

Lori records a song that could be the beginning of a great career for her. At the same studio, Sam starts cleaning. Do they have anything in common?

On time, dir. Jorė Janavičiūtė (Lithuania) 18′
Jule is late everywhere, which complicates her life in many ways. In order to meet the employer’s requirements, she must quickly complete a driving course. When she meets her instructor, other problems start to emerge.

Blue Flower, dir. Saadi Constantine (Romania) 27′
Ana and Amara, a young couple from Bucharest, make a radical decision. To fund the treatment of Leo, their 3-year-old son suffering from cerebral hypoxia, Ana intends to work as a cam-girl.

Sër Bi, dir. Moly Kane (France) 20′
Susanna’s wedding tomorrow. There is little time left for her to erase the past. Every minute counts from now on.

Total duration: approx. 85 minutes