Warsaw Short Framing

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In program:

Cocota ? Dogs? fate, dir. Pacheco Iborra (Spain) 28 ‘
The history of a horse-boy, who has to choose between his work and love for his dog.

Manoman, dir. Simon Cartwright (Great Britain) 11 ‘
When Glen goes to workshops of screaming, he discovers the power that has no boundaries.

Hiob, dir. Marco Gadge (Germany) 20 ‘
There are professions that without reason, no one wants to take …

Snails, dir. Grzegorz Szczepaniak (Poland), 30 ‘
Andrew and his friend decide to set up a park for a farm of snails. In spite of a lack of an experience, he believes in a success of this project.

TOTAL DURATION: approx. 90 min

Maciej Misztal ? producer and manager of many television programs broadcast in Poland and abroad. His documentaries, feature films and promotional spots were widely awarded. The founding father and director of Lublin Film Festival. Creator and animator of an off-cinema. Instructor of film workshops for young people. The originator of the cycle of shows Warsaw Short Framing in Culture Centre ?Kadr? in Warsaw.