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Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
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In program:
How High the Moon, dir. Lau Kok Rui 19′
A single mother takes an extra job in a store to improve her financial situation. The pursuit of securing a future for your daughter causes many dilemmas.

King of the Suburbs, dir. Isa Micklitz 33′
Clara becomes a neighbour of Helmut, who considers himself the king of the entire city. Helmut sees the girl as the heir to the throne and wants to teach her how to rule over her subjects.

Between the Lines, dir. Frédéric Farrucci 19′
France, end of summer. Five thieves roam the streets of the city. One of them is trying to learn French.

Family for Sale, dir. Sebastien Petretti 14′
Xav is raised in a family that runs a sex shop. When she turns 18, she decides to change something in her life.