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room: Broadway

In program:
The Cover, dir. Vahid Alvandifar (Iran) 15′

Two men are transporting their friend’s body from the morgue. When it turns out that their companion is not dead at all, they will have to make a difficult decision.

Before our time, dir. Chloé Terren (France) 22′
Raphaël looks after his grandmother’s apartment in a nursing home. He tells her what he sees through the window. The observed apartments are depopulated, he is afraid to tell the truth and he begins to lie.

The Cuckoo, dir. Ruy Okamura (Czech Republic) 29′
Oliver, 17, not only has to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, but also with an identity crisis.

Radio 108.1 FM, dir. A. and G. Capasso (Italy) 15′
A driver, a radio program and a suspicious and journey at midnight. How will it end?

Total duration: 85 minutes

Nad wodą na drewnianym moście siedzi młody mężczyzna. Obok na moście znajdują się sportowe buty. Młody mężczyzna skierowany jest w strone lustra wody.