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room: Broadway

In program:
Fake News, dir. Dimitris Katsimiris (Greece) 15′

Youtuber, in order to increase the number of subscribers of his channel, decides to record a staged rape of black refugees on a Greek girl. Nothing goes as planned on the shooting day.

Touching, dir. Nir Berger (Israel) 25′
Adele is an aggressive 17-year-old who spends most of her time trolling her classmates on the internet. When Uri accosts her online, they start flirting.

Stay, dir. Pauline GaltiĆ© (England) 16′
Larry is leading a boring life. One day a book disappears from his room. Every day more and more items change their position. Larry looks for the cause of these strange events. What he discovers will completely change his life.

Masha, dir. Igor Kagramanov (Russia) 26′
Three children live in a small house in the woods. They must grow up quickly to survive.

Total duration: approx. 85 min