Warsaw Short Framing

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In program:

Anomalous behavior, dir. Ewgenja Tamakina (Thailand / Russia) 26 ‘
A trip to Thailand may be much more dangerous than many think.

Monster, dir. Bob Pipe (United Kingdom), 16 ‘
An old famous star of horror films under the influence of familiarity with the beautiful Madeleine decides to show a film crew realizes what a true horror is.

There’s nobody here, dir. Seung Hyeob (South Korea.), 16 ‘
The future of the legendary Kinematograph Cameraman becomes questionable when the owner of the theater, where he works, buys a digital projector.

Everything will be fine, dir. Patrick Vollrath (Austria / Germany) 30 ‘
8-year-old Lea starts a journey with his father. Nice trip quickly turns into a nightmare. The film was nominated for an Oscar.

TOTAL DURATION: approx. 90 min

Maciej Misztal ? producer and manager of many television programs broadcast in Poland and abroad. His documentaries, feature films and promotional spots were widely awarded. The founding father and director of Lublin Film Festival. Creator and animator of an off-cinema. Instructor of film workshops for young people. The originator of the cycle of shows Warsaw Short Framing in Culture Centre ?Kadr? in Warsaw.