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Warsaw Short Framing

free entrance, booking places online or at the reception
room: Broadway

Turner’s exhibition, dir. Mathew Gregory Bainbridge (Great Britain) 25′
Anthony and Alex are brothers. Anthony has a happy family and a good job. Alex and his wife focus on raising their disabled daughter. One day, Anthony’s wife picks up the phone … Conflict is inevitable.

Global Terroir, dir. Théo Jollet (France) 24′
A group of guys go to a party but can’t find their destination. On the way, they listen to a pirate radio station, thanks to which they learn about the history of the inhabitants of a certain town.

Ad Revidendum, dir. Matúš Ryšan (Slovakia) 12′
Her friends throw her out of balance on the last day of the school year. She attacks one of them. Terrified, she barricades herself in the classroom and seeks a way out of a hopeless situation.

Shredder, dir. Mikhail Dovzhenko (Russia) 20′
How much is real art worth? The host of a popular radio broadcast asks the audience. But the assessments are often very surprising.

Total duration: approx. 85 min

Ladies and gentlemen,
There is a limit of 50% of places for the event. We would like to inform you that from September 1, new rules of restrictions may be introduced, and the limit of places may change. We will let you know.
Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we work in a sanitary regime in all areas of DK Kadr: we ask you to wear protective masks, disinfect your hands, and keep your distance. We also ask all visitors to complete their health statements.