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Wall Unit

room: Broadway
ticket: PLN 15, buy a ticket online

The performance of the ART_committed Foundation is a vision of the contemporary world, narrated by movement, word and emotion. THE FASHION OF THE modern world. Simultaneous action, ambiguous dialogues and melting ice under the feet, told by movement, in a word, emotion. Based on the original text by Paulina Danecka and Tomasz Jękota “Wall unit”, asks difficult questions about the present and problems that can be identified with each other – fighting stereotypes, looking for identity, her own sexuality, loneliness.

Directed by: Błażej Peszek
Text: Paulina Danecka, Tomasz Jękot
Music: Michał Paduch
Cast: Joanna Chułek, Natalia Dinges, Magdalena Fejdasz, Paulina Jóźwicka, Jakub Krawczyk, Robert Wasiewicz.
Time: 65 minutes
The project is financed by the capital city of Warsaw.