Volunteering – we are testing a new place

In the new headquarters of the Culture Center Kadr, there will be a place of local activity which is aimed at people between 13 and 19 years old. You can rest there on the couch, do your homework, meet friends or take part in meetings and activities that are conducted by young people. This will be the first such place in Warsaw, so we want to build them together as part of the volunteer program “We are testing a new place”

We are looking for you if you fulfil at least some of these criteria:
– You are from 14 up to 19 years old
– You live, study or work in Służewiec or in the area
– You want to act in a group of young people with similar interests
– You are interested in a culture
– You want to share your passion with people of similar age
– You want to contribute a new place of leisure in Służewiec

What will be your task?
– Participation in workshops and talks about a new place of local activity
– Participation in walks around the district and sports and cultural activities
– Assistance during the organization of meetings (common preparing the snack)
– Help during the first events in the new Culture Centre Kadr (traffic management, the provision of information)
– For those who are interested: conducting authoring activities and animation in a new space

What will you get in exchange?
– Training and meetings concerning culture
– Possibility of contributing to a community center and its program
– Space to develop passion
– Ability to meet interesting people
– Discounts on the participation in events
– Certificate of undergoing voluntary services.

How long will it take you to volunteer?
Above 10 hours a month, we will adapt ourselves to your possibilities. It’s your decision how much time you want and you can devote to us.

How to report:
We encourage you to fill out a form that will let us better get to know you.
If you have any questions, you can direct them to the volunteer coordinator in the Culture Centre Kadr.

Hanna Sabat, h.sabat@dkkadr.waw.pl