Volunteering in the Culture Centre Kadr – open the Culture Centre with us!

The Culture Centre Kadr will open its new headquarters at Rzymowskiego 32 Street. A rich program of workshops and activities will open in September and we will inaugurate the institution’s activities in October.

Important spaces in the new Culture Centre Kadr will be local activities: a refreshed neighborhood Accumulator ? House of neighbor?s, a brand-new youth center. We want these spaces to be created with our neighbors, so we created a holiday volunteer program for those who would like to be the first users of the new headquarters of the Culture Centre Kadr.

We refresh the Accumulator ? House of neighbor?s
The Accumulator moves to a new address and new space is a new challenge. The convenient location on the ground floor of the building with a view of the countryside and modern infrastructure will help us, but will you be able to invite your neighbors inside? What should happen in the Accumulator? To help answer these questions, we welcome our neighbors through the “Refresh Accumulator” volunteer program.

We are just looking for you if you meet at least some of these criteria:
– You are an adult
– You live, study or work in Służewiec or in the area
– You want to join the discussion about the district
– You are interested in a culture
– You want to share your passion
– You want to get involved in neighborhood activities

What will be your task?
– Participation in the discussion on the shape of a refreshed Accumulator
– Participation of the neighbourly house in discussion on the shape refreshed Accumulator
– Participation in the meetings neighbourly and walks in the district
– Help during the organization of meetings (common preparing the coffee, teas, etc.)
– Help during the first events in the new Culture Centre Kadr (directing traffic, the provision of information)
– For willing: running author’s action and animated films in the Accumulator with the support of animators from the Culture Centre Kadr.

What will you get in exchange?
– Training and meetings concerning culture
– Possibility of contributing to a community center and its program
– Space to develop passion
– Ability to meet interesting people
– Discounts on the participation in events
– Certificate of undergoing voluntary services.

How long will it take you to volunteer?
Above 10 hours a month, we will adapt ourselves to your possibilities. It’s your decision how much time you want and you can devote to us.

How to report:
We encourage you to fill out a form that will let us better get to know you.
If you have any questions, you can direct them to the volunteer coordinator in the Culture Centre Kadr.

Hanna Sabat, h.sabat@dkkadr.waw.pl