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Visual Narrations

instructor: Daniel Chmielewski
fee: PLN 140/ month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Marble Man, 219, 2nd floor/Matrix, 112, 1st floor

Telling a story with images is a skill that comes in handy in many fields of life ? movies, comic books, literature, instructions for assembling furniture, preparing an instant soup. We use visual narration during work presentations, making memes, and showing holiday photos to our friends.
The course is dedicated to older teenagers and adults at any age ? those who deal with art, are looking for new ways of perceiving the world and transforming it into messages. Lack of drawing abilities is not a problem!
Each class, participants will receive at task that will serve to expand their knowledge and improve their practical skills. Everyone works in their own individual mode, depending on their needs, abilities, and preferences.
If painting classes seem too constricting, if you have any narrative to tell ? your department?s annual report, a storyboard for a film committee, an exhibition of photographs that you wish was more than a random collection of pictures hanging on the wall ? then this is a space for you.

Illustration, comic book, storyboard, creating short literary forms accompanied by images, performative activities, composition, anatomy, designing characters, vehicles, locations, fictional and documentary projects, world building, engaging the audience and controlling their emotions, editing and proofreading, preparation for print, time economy, how to plan out work, how to work effectively in a given time frame).