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Via Carpatia

room: Broadway
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Director: Klara Kochańska, Kasper Bajon
Poland, Macedonia, the Czech Republic 2018/75 ‘

It’s 2016. The media are also getting more and more disturbing news about the conflict in Syria and the wave of refugees fleeing to Europe through the so-called “Balkan route”. Julia and Piotr are a couple from a big city. After a hardworking year, they dream of vacation. The plans are changed by Piotr’s mother, who asks him to bring his father to Poland – a refugee staying in the camp on the Greek-Macedonian border. Piotr had not had contact with his father for 30 years. However, despite her doubts and Julia’s resistance, she decides to fulfill her mother’s request. The distance separating their elegant flat in Warsaw from the refugee camps in Greece and Macedonia is less than 2,000 kilometers. Julia and Piotr realize how close to their comfortable life what they have seen so far only on television.

Between the documentary and the story, or the cinema that blurs the boundaries, will be the first theme taken up by the film expert Magdalena Wichrowska as part of a new cycle KADR NON-FICTION. We usually talk about the nonfiction cinema today in the educational, informational and journalistic way.

Fotografia przedstawia piękne góry, płynącą rwącą rzekę, przy której na kamieniu odpoczywa młody mężczyzna.