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Van Gogh. At the gates of eternity

room: Broadway
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Vincent van Gogh is on foot on a country road on his way to Paris in 1888. He comes across a young woman herding her sheep after allowing them to graze. He is captivated by her and asks to briefly sketch her. She is surprised and asks why he should bother to raw her. Later, he continues on to Paris where he meets Paul Gauguin and they share thoughts about aesthetics and the artistic life in the Paris art community. After visiting his brother Theo in Paris, Vincent continues on foot to the South of France in Arles.
It is a biographical drama film about the final years of painter Vincent van Gogh?s life. The movie dramatizes the controversial theory put forward by Van Gogh biographers Steven Naifen and Gregory White Smith, in which they speculate that Van Gogh?s death was caused by mischief rather than it being a suicide.