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USA. Route 66 and the Wild West

room: Broadway
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Speakers: Anna & Krzysztof Kobus
At the beginning, we set off on the famous Route 66, meeting people whose fates have become a part of the history of the Mother’s Way, and we will visit unusual places on Route 66. Here we will find original advertisements, wild donkeys, ghost town and huge caves where the US army has strategic supplies (in case of war or the zombie apocalypse!).
Traveling through the US West will allow us to see the most famous national parks and iconic landscapes. We will find out what secrets hide the Hopi rock carvings, why Monument Valley has become an icon of the Wild West and what kettles have in common with Death Valley.

Anna and Krzysztof Kobus. They write, photograph, conduct workshops for children and conduct multimedia presentations from kindergarten to senior. They are run by the following portals: and Authors of many books including: “Namibia. Through the desert and bush” and USA. Route 66 and the Wild West”.