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United Arab Emirates and Oman

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The show will be hosted by: Ewa and Leszek Adamscy

Dubai is not the capital of the UAE, but it deserves special treatment. It is difficult to find a second city on Earth, where it would be the concentration of all goods on a piece of desert – all thanks to oil used for several decades. We will show, among other things: districts of skyscrapers with stunning 160-story Burj Khalifa, cut through the Marina district (and here also a forest of unconventional skyscrapers), a huge artificial island Park Jumeirah, which from height looks like a palm tree, and is a large housing estate, Miracle Flower Park Garden.

Oman in this passage, which we were able to see is mainly the picturesque desert and mountains, castles and fortresses in ruins or not – and the capital of Muscat with another magnificent mosque and the palace of Emir.