Touch of Eye

Touch of Eye ? between motion and stagnation ? the exhibition of Photography Theatre by Przemek Wiśniewski.

Union Impossible Theatre presents Touch of Eye ? between motion and stagnation.

Pictures are taken by Przemek Wiśniewski, founder of the theatres: ?Strawberries cherries?, ?Creatures Theatre?, ?Theatre of Photography?.

The photos are dynamic so watching them we feel that we are in the middle of the performance. Using virtual and accepted form of relationship we are still in contact with the theatre and also remain to be outsider observer.

The vernissage consists of mini philosophical lecture by prof. Leszek Kołakowski entitled ?Noah or temptations solidarity?.

Marbles: Lech Żurakowski and Dorota Żurakowska, adaptation and direction by Marek b. Chodaczyński, lecture by Anna Porusiło ? Dużyńska, music illustration: Marek Żurawski.

The exhibition of Theatre of Photography by Przemek Wiśniewski is opened from 09.12.2016 till 27.01.2017 in the Accumulator ? House of neighbor?s.