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Faculty of Polish Studies of University of Warsaw presents a performance.

For the artist, the journey to the famous Resort should be a time of rest and quiet. The conductor sells his ticket. The driver starts the locomotive. The landscape behind the window is almost laid to sleep … But then things start to get complicated! First, in the compartment the artist meets a mysterious girl, then a marriage gets into the compartment, later unscrupulous man with an unusual package and finally a very confident fashion blogger. Additionally, travelers cannot get away from an intrusive philosopher. In the meantime, the train stops in the open field, because the war started! In this absurdity, more than one would lose his head. And how will the fate of the artist and his companions go on? Only those who visit us will find out.

An author: Aleksander Mazurek
Directed by: Adrian Luzar
Production: Zuzanna Gross, Elzbieta Koncewicz
The artists: Antonina Kaliciak, Aleksandra Kucek, Elżbieta Lewak, Adrianna Trefoń, Aleksander Gronek, Maksymilian Markarianc, Aleksander Mazurek, Łukasz Pazgan, Kacper Van Wallendael

Grupa aktorów do kurortu