The water does not come from the tap

h. 9.00-10.30 (group 7-9 years) – register
h. 10.45-12.15 (group 10-13 years) – register
room: Mac Gyver, 217, second floor
free entrance, booking places online

How is it that the inhabitants of Mokotów have water in the tap? Who, how and from where it delivers it to our homes and what does Czajka have to do with Warsaw water tap? And how was the water in the tap a long time ago? What are filters, water towers and aqueducts? Can the water run out?
We will answer these and other questions during our workshop “There was a City”!
During the classes, we will find out where the water is coming from in our homes, we will know different ways of delivering water to cities and we will construct our own water tower.