The Switch project

The Switch project ? a partnership project of cultural education from the Culture Centre ?Kadr?, sponsored by the Fund of Cultural Education, realized between September ? December 2016.

It was a series of art workshops conducted by instructors and employees from the Łowicka Centre and Culture Centre Kadr for adults with the intellectual disabilities The participants of this project took part in drumming and artistic and cinematography workshops during which the leader brought closer the technique of animation. During the cycle of workshops the participants created two movies and the soundtrack inspired by the culture and ethnic music of Africa. The drumming mini ? concert was the final show of the project.

The art workshops created a natural environment for improving cultural competence of participants. It was also a great chance for employees from culture centers to learn and improve the communication skills and methods of working with adults with intellectual disabilities. This process was supported by the coach, who discussed all activities with employees during separate meetings.

The aim of the project was to develop competences of the employees from culture centers and to exchange knowledge and experience, and to support creative initiatives of cultural education aimed at disadvantaged groups.

The project itself is the result of joining a number of processes and ongoing initiatives both from Łowicka Cenre and Culture Centre ?Kadr? The participation of institutions in the processes of the Laboratory of Cultural Education became some kind of the igniter, which allowed to make a self-diagnosis.
Research processes and coaching will allow us to prepare better art program of Culture Centre ?Kadr? The new headquarter and all new workshops and activities will be a part of the project of revitalization of Służewiec District.
While the activities of Łowicka Centre will be a part of the evaluation of earlier undertaken projects (concerning Occupational Therapy Workshops).

Drumming workshops: Krzysztof Wawrzyniak from a Land of Drum,
Animation Movie Workshops: Urszula Ścibor-Rylska – educator and artist,
Marek Sobolewski: editor, graduated from Film School in Łodź (screen writing study),
Team?s coaches and researchers: Edyta Ołdak, Korolina Dyrda, Longin Grabczyk.