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The Sound – Vocal Group

instructors: Anna Salamon-Kalinowska, Krzysztof Biernacki, Katarzyna Warowna
fee: PLN 200/ month
room: Dancing in the Dark, 307, 3rd floor, Whispers and Screams, 214,215, 3rd floor

Vocal classes with elements of stage movement (polyphony, polyrhythm, stage movements, working in a recording studio). The finale will be a musical show performed by the group in the auditorium at the Kadr Culture Centre.
A vocal ensemble created for persons who share a common passion: singing. During the classes we will work mainly on Polish and foreign popular music, all based on the correct vocal technique. We attach great importance to broadly understood voice emission, exercises, and theories. The goal is health and the correct use of the voice during the classes. The pieces will be performed most often in harmony (two- and three-voice pieces), and there will also be solo parts.

More information at: 604058480

The group is conducted by: Krzysztof Biernacki and Anna Salamon – Kalinowska, outstanding vocal coaches with extensive experience and many artistic and pedagogical successes all over Poland!
Come, sing and grow with us on stages all over Poland!