The ritual of passage

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Gallery of 21 Grams

“The Times They Are a-Changin?. Bob Dylan sang.
We could not take part in these changes. We could not – just like the times – change.
This exhibition documents this change. It is a rite of passage, the old becomes new, and the new, aware of its traditions, becomes simply better.

The exhibition consists of three parts.
The first, seemingly unrelated to the theme, has a symbolic dimension. It shows “prose of life” in order to think about the values that we want to be faithful to.

The second part of the exhibition is a report from last year’s performance that related to the end of activity in the old headquarters. The performance of the artist Stefan Kornacki was a symbolic closing of the era and the beginning of a new one, a signal of modernization.

The third part is the story of what is “hidden underneath”. Shutter from the construction site of the new Culture Centre Kadr. Seemingly: soulless and technical. In fact, they reflect the state of our emotions during preparations for the official opening.