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The Little Witch

room: Broadway
ticket: PLN 15/20, buy a ticket online or at the reception

The story of a young and nice witch who learns everything there is to know about magic, to be accepted by the other older mean witches.

The annual Sabbath on Łysa Góra is the greatest attraction for all witches. But Little Witch is only 127 years old, and she is still too young to attend the Sabbath. However, she does not care and sneaks to Łysa Góra. Unfortunately, she is discovered and as a punishment she must learn all the spells from the Great Book within a year.

The Little Witch does not want to learn. But what the Little Witch really wants is to find out what makes a witch good. And such knowledge can shake the entire world of witches and change it so that nothing will ever be the same as it used to be.