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The Kindergarten Teacher

room: Broadway
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Lisa Spinelli is a kindergarten teacher, she is struggling with feelings of dissatisfaction in her life. She is in a loving yet passionless marriage with her husband Grant, and her teenage children, who are distant with her.
Lisa attends a poetry class every week led by Simon, but her poetry is dismissed as derivative. One of Lisa’s students, Jimmy, is routinely picked up late from school by a babysitter. One day, Lisa overhears Jimmy reciting a poem he wrote while he is waiting to be picked up. Lisa reads the poem at her poetry class, where her classmates and Simon are struck by it and compliment Lisa on her talent. Lisa decides that Jimmy is a prodigy, and begins to dedicate her time to nurturing his talent.

Zdjęcie przedstawia kobietę i małego kilkuletniego chłopca siedzących na zielonych krzesłach w autobusie.