The Family Courtyard

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Familial workshops on creating Christmas decorations for children aged 4-6.
Duration: 60 minutes

“Colorful birds”
instructor: Ewa Przanowska
room: Glass trap, 216, second floor
Limit: 12 people
This year, there will be an opportunity to have beautiful birds sitting on the branches of a Christmas tree with tails of fluffy feathers. Every participant during the workshop will learn how to make such a charming creation, and what’s more, they will be able to take it home.
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“The Christmas are coming”
instructor: Urszula Pielach-Gemzała
room: Mac Gyver, 217 a, second floor
limit: 12 people
During the workshop, the children and their parents will create two Christmas tree decorations. The work will be done with a material made of transparent plastic bottles. To decorate the angels and stars we use glitter glue and colored self-adhesive foams.
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“Glittering baubles”
instructor: Anna Browko
room: Man of marble, 219, second floor
limit: 12 people
During the workshop you will be able to make according to your own design decorated with colorful fabrics Christmas tree decorations that will effectively decorate the Christmas tree. What’s more, the balls created by the participants will receive an unusual brocade glow and a silvery or gold pendant.
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“An Angel on the Christmas tree?
instructor: Magda Przanowska
hall: Small foot patter, 305, 3rd floor
Limit: 20 people
Nothing is more pleasurable than handmade Christmas decorations, which is why the leader will encourage the participants to create a beautiful decoration of colored paper and imagination – an angel – an indispensable guest on every Christmas tree.
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