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The Crucible

room: Broadway
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Author: Arthur Miller
Directed & adapted by Andre de la Cruz
Diploma performance 2021 of the Theatre Studio “KADR”, 2nd degree

Cast: Renata Birska, Jakub Damore, Ewa Dzikowska, Agnieszka Gryzińska, Anna Rosa Kazan, Maja Kłossowska, Tomasz Konopka, Magdalena Maria Róża Kulik, Gloria Lipińska, Agata Malinowski, Emilia Niedzielak, Anna Płociniczak, Marcin Safaryn, Ireneusz Wojaczek, Paulina Zdeb- Rąkoska, Beata Żerańska-Teofilak

Witches of Salem is one of the greatest classics of drama of the 20th century based on historical facts. It was written about the culture of repression and fear that was experienced in the 1950s in the United States. The work is still up to date by showing a story that warns us against adopting radical attitudes, which are often the cause of suffering and the beginning of tyranny.

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