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The best Polish 30′

room: Broadway
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It’s getting louder about Polish short films! With each month there are more awards during the most important festivals around the world, and the audience has proven that they like watching short productions on the big screen.

A mysterious patient is admitted to a somewhat crazy psychiatric hospital – he does not speak to anyone and stands with his hands all day long.

The story of two women living the same passion: preparing their poodles for dog shows of beauty.

“Pars pro toto”
Jerzy Radziwiłowicz as Zdzisław Beksiński in a moving film about exceptional friendship, which is born between a young woman and a lonely master in his last days. After the death of his wife and the only son, an artist, separates himself from the world and people, closes himself in four walls and works. When he is ill and has to accept help from as lonely, young therapist, it will be the beginning of a process that will give them hope.

How is it to grow up in one of the most difficult sports disciplines? A documentary about a group of young gymnasts who became a sensation of the festival in Sundance. Zuzia is 12 years old and is training a bareback riding. Due to her age and construction, her older, stronger colleagues raise her. Older players admit that the girl has grown and can no longer cope with her.