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The bears’ famous invasion of Sicily

room: Broadway
tickets: PLN 10, buy a ticket: or at the reception

Gedeone and his young assistant Almerina are traveling storytellers who move from a town to another to earn money. Surprised by a night blizzard in their last journey through the island of Sicile, they two enter into a mountain cave looking for refugee, learning that in the cave inhabits an aging bear. In order not to be attacked, Gedeone tells him a story about a king bear named Leonce who was playing in a river with his son Tonio, losses the prince when he’s kidnapped by humans and taken far away from the forest.
The film is a colorful animation about identity.

Plakat promujący film animowany dla dzieci. Plakat przedstawia grupę niedźwiedzi, które podążają lądem w kierunku morza.