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Tadam Theatre

instructor: Ewa Gampel
fee: PLN 110 /month, trial class: PLN 30
room: The Wolf of Wall Street, 201, 2nd floor

The Tadam Theatre is directed at adults who are over 20 years old. It is a theatre which is a combination of various expressions and theatrical techniques. It is a combination of: improvised theatre, drama, movement theatre, gesture, documentary techniques, and pantomime. In the 2020/2021 season we will focus on a performance in the spirit of absurd and grotesque theatre: Harold Pinter, Jean Genet, Vaclaw Havel.

In the 6th year of its existence, the Tadam Theatre will place emphasis on working with the body, e.g. control of movements, awareness of gesture, as well as on a new aspect, i.e. working on the author’s text, learning how to write, and determining which texts can be included in the script. There will also be a greater focus on working on short writing forms, which are an inspiration for artistic research and creating short monodramas. Contact with the prop and its precise use on stage will also be the subject of workshops.

The aim of the classes will be to work as consciously as possible on your body, voice, and diction.

Planned performance: mid-June 2021.
Performances produced by Tadam Theatre:
“Je suis” – 2016/2017
“Every tenth woman” – 2017/2018
“A gap between the continents – 2018/2019, 2019/2020
„Malé Příběhy” – 2020/202