Tadam Theater: “Every tenth woman”

room: Dreamer
free entrance

Led by Ewa Gampel and Edyta Ganc, the Tadam Theater is a space for people who want to develop themselves theatrically and include in the year-round project ended with a spectacle.
The workshop activities of the group in the 2017/2018 season were based on the study of various theatrical forms and techniques of expression, including improvised theater, documentary theater, movement theater and physical theater. The work of the team focused on the realization of the inspired performance with true stories of women of the interwar period.

Monika Chwesiuk
Magdalena Drzewiecka
Anna Korzeniak
Mada Lipińska
Kinga Molenda
Teresa Muzalewska
Anna Pajączkowska
Magdalena Skałecka
Iga Wojdalska

Preparation: Edyta Ganc and Ewa Gampel