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room: Broadway
tickets: PLN 20, buy a ticket: or at the reception

11 songs for multiplied double bass, monoctone and actor for lyrics and performed by Agnieszka Kołodyńska and Jarosław Kordaczuk.

Only for adults!

Agnieszka Kołodyńska
Actress and producer of original theater projects. Winner of acting awards. Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. In her alternative theater environment, she is considered a “woman with truly Renaissance versatility and diligence.”

Jarek Kordaczuk
His creative interests range from poetic and children’s music to experimental works. Going through various shades of instrumental and vocal music, symphonic, acoustic and electroacoustic, classical and improvised music and even quiet and loud :).

Plakat promujący spektakl. Na plakacie młoda naga kobieta prezentuje swoje plecy, które pokryte są korzeniami.