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Studio Photography – Theory and Practice

instructor: Paweł Wojtas
fee: PLN 170/ month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Blow-up, 301, 3rd floor, Matrix, 112, 1st floor

Photography in a studio offers virtually unlimited possibilities. During the course, the participants are going to get to know several key varieties of studio photography: portrait, fashion, beauty, food, advertising, product, and creative photography.

The course will start with theory and basic principles of working in a studio, getting to know studio equipment, and learning about the architecture of light. At the end, the participants are going to learn the basics of processing and retouching in studio photography.During the course, the participant can expect a large dose of practical knowledge in a professional photography studio, including working with a model. The participants will test their abilities in portrait and image photography (so-called headshots), fashion photography, including fashion portrait and silhouette portrait.

Photographing objects does not have to be boring, which we are going to prove with advertising or quick photography, which will show how to freeze motion in a frame.

Culinary photography gained a lot of popularity thanks to Instagram and blogs – during the classes, the participants will learn how to set up proper lighting, style dishes, and also learn special effects and tricks used by culinary photographs.

The final part of our work in the studio will be creative photography, which will allow to use chiaroscuro and available items to create remarkable shots.