Street Dance/Hip-hop

17.30-18.30 (children 7-9 y.o.)
18.45-19.45 (children 10-15 y.o.)
instructor: Aleksandra Pisarczyk
fee: PLN 110/ month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Black Swan, 316, 3rd floor

A dance that is known all over the world, mainly among young people. It was popularised by videoclips and concerts of Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B, POP performers.

Dance classes that will allow the children to learn the steps and choreography with elements of classic hip hop and new age. The classes are dynamic, with a large dose of energy and soft, smooth movements. The classes help to develop courage, motor coordination, dynamics, but above all they give children a lot of joy. They learn how to work in a group, and the team they create presents their abilities at open air events, school ceremonies, and dance competitions.

English-speaking participants are also welcome!