Stream – a performance of A.TAK group

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The winner of the top prize in last year’s National Review of Contemporary Monodrama at the Studio Theatre.
Some edge. Standing on the edge Man – leans forward. We took a very important decision in his life. He wants to get to the “country”. However, for some reason, Man has a growing problem, to make the final step. The moment of breakthrough becomes unpleasant ritual of impossibility. Is it even possible? What is the desired “Country”? Does it exist?

Text: Mariusz Babicki
Directed by: Wojciech Jaworski, Mariusz Babicki
Man: Wojciech Jaworski
Music: Marcin Kowalczyk Kaim
Artistic collaboration: Tomasz Kaczorowski
Lighting design: Przemyslaw Kalemba

aktor podczas spektaklu siedzący na metalowej konstrukcji przystawiający sobie pilota do głowy