Spring ecological workshops

at 10.00-10.45 – children (3-4 y.o. with a guardian) – register
at 11.15-12.00 – children (6-8 y.o.) – register
instructor: Natalia Świątkiewicz
room: 208, second floor
ticket: PLN 15, register & pay online or at the reception

We will talk about the first signs of spring, about returning birds and about spring flowers. Using colourful pasta and pumpkin seeds, we will create artworks depicting crocuses and snowdrops.

Spring is also the beginning of the season for gardening, so we will also get dirty in the ground by planting flower bulbs in pots, which the participants will then take with them, so that they can continue to cultivate them and watch them grow.

We invite children from Ukraine to join the workshop.