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Spotlight Kids Academy

instructors: Anna Stefańska, Karolina Rodanowicz
fee: PLN 130/ month

Due to the current epidemic situation, Spotlight Kids Academy classes will be held online.
Classes will be held via instant messaging and conference services (ZOOM, etc.).
We invite regular participants to classes on Saturdays at 11.30
If you are willing to join the classes, please write email:
More information from the instructor, please contact by email:
You will receive a link with the access to the classroom via e-mail.

Our main principle, and the issue that will guide us, is to work with “an error”. Our children live in a world full of ready-made solutions and take the risk of committing an error with great difficulty. They expect excellence in their actions. We want to teach them to use their mistakes, to be free to make them, to be persistent and to treat work as an adventure that leads into the unknown. Artistic works during the classes are both individual – being an expression within the participants’ own aesthetics; as well as collective – produced while learning to create collective works, which require an approach with respect and acceptance of the difference in view and different sensibility. The leading theme of the classes are visual arts, in particular: painting, drawing, sculpture, graphics, design, photography, and performance. The classes are run using various artistic techniques – acrylic paints, oil paints, tempera, watercolours, inks, pastels, coal, clay, photography, gypsum, materials of everyday use – cardboard, wires, polystyrene, newspapers, video art. Classes are preceded by a presentation appropriate to the educational level (examples of artists’ works, analysis of art history, presentation of basic issues). Observation and analysis of the natural environment and selected social phenomena are translated into the world of art, through which these phenomena are interpreted and commented on.