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South Siberia – Tuva, Altai, Khakassia

room: Broadway
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During the meeting, we will get to know the less known lands of Siberia: we will visit the Tuvian Basin and the mountainous areas of Western Sayan and Altai. We will discover a world on the border between Buddhism and Orthodoxy, as well as ancient cultures that have left behind barrows and megaliths that fit into the landscape of the Chakasian steppes. We will also learn about the traditional culture of the inhabitants of Tuva.

Tomasz Tułak leads the presentation.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we work in a sanitary regime in all areas of DK Kadr: we ask you to wear protective masks, disinfect your hands, and keep your distance. We also ask all visitors to complete their health statements.

Po piaszczystej drodze wzdłuż pasma gór jedzie stary samochód z paką pełną siana.