Softer than pillow

ticket: 30 pln for one day / 50 pln for the pass, buy the tickets online

The Softer than Pillow Festival is a new quality on the musical map of Warsaw. In the super-modern space of the Cultural Center “KADR”, the elite of the Polish electronic scene, electro-pop, trip-hop, R’n’B and d’n’b will be presented. It will be two-day showcase, during which not only spectacular concerts will take place, but – thanks to the open character of the place – a direct bond will be established between the artists and the audience.

On the first day (on Saturday), Daniel Spaleniak will perform. After him, Melika will come to the stage, her music oscillates between the hit pop and the sophisticated, dark trip-hop, arousing more and more curiosity of fans and critics. The evening will end with Rosalie., a brightly glowing star of Polish R & B, the author of the bestselling album “Flashback” and co-author of the soundtrack for the autumn spot of the image of TVN TV station.

The second day of the festival (Sunday) will start with the Night Line duet (Monika Mimi Wydrzyńska and Mikołaj Trybulec), original electronic productions with a poetic text layer. The next dose of emotions will be provided by Aga Brine / Aga Bigaj, vocalist, pianist, author of music and lyrics, her compositions – minimalist or extremely complex – are filled with melody and sensitivity. The evening will end COALS (Katarzyna Kowalczyk and Łukasz Rozmysłowski) was described by the prestigious British magazine “The Quietus” as “a dreamy, ethereal pop deriving equally from electronics and folk elements”.