Sing and Smile. Our Planet Earth

instructor: Karolina Wasilewska
room: Zoom, 301, 3rd floor
ticket: PLN 10, booking places online or at the reception

at 10.00-11.00 – children (3-6 y.o. with guardians) – register
at 11.15-12.15 – children (7-12 y.o.) – register

The unique combination of music workshops and English classes ensures quick language learning and fun for children. Classes are inspired by the method of teaching music by Edwin E. Gordon and Callan’s linguistic sciences.
In January, the workshop begins a series on the topic of planet Earth. Children will learn how we can care for our planet, learn vocabulary and songs related to this topic.

Zdjęcie przedstawia dłoń, która trzyma miniaturowy globus świata. W tle zdjęcia widoczne są pięknie góry i błękitne niebo.