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room: Broadway
tickets: PLN 15, buy a ticket online or at the reception

The creative process of the performance was based on the search for understood Slavic inspirations, which found effect both in content and form of artistic activities. As part of it, meetings were held in the circle of women from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, which enabled intercultural exchange of knowledge about rituals, songs, chants, parables and family stories.
On the stage, dance and music appear equally. Traditional and contemporary motifs are intertwined. Movement, word, singing and playing instruments create a kind of dance theater that sounds as a fairy tales.
Once upon a time?

Dwie młode kobiety w czarnych sukienkach na tle przyrody spoglądają na siebie zarzucając swoimi pięknymi długimi włosami. Kobieta po lewej stronie zdjęcia ma ogniste czerwone włosy, druga kobieta ma piękne kasztanowe włosy. Obydwie Panie wyglądają na zadowolone i szczęśliwe.