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Sensory Art

11.00 – 11.45 a.m. (children 1-3 y.o. + caretaker)
instructor: Natalia Świątkiewicz
fee: PLN 190/ month, trial class: 50 PLN
room: Mister Blot’s Academy, 2nd floor

Sensory art is the original educational workshop during which children learn about various structures and textures thus awaken their senses. Playing under the watchful eye of an animator in a safe environment meets their natural needs, while developing small motor skills at the same time. Working with art materials, in addition to bringing tactile sensations, allows one to practice the pressure and coordination of fingers and the strength of gripping, necessary when learning how to write.

Meetings with sensory art are the time of children, so small participants can expect maximum freedom in expressing their artistic expression. Thanks to this, they get a lot of satisfaction from the classes, and they return home calm and happy.

During the work, mostly natural materials are used, and some educational aids are original solutions. Following the principles of Montessorian pedagogy, I pay special attention to their simplicity and quality.

Participation in the workshop brings direct benefit for parents and carers as well: the time of classes makes a great opportunity to talk, exchange experiences and get to know each other.

We advise children to bring a change of clothes as they may get dirty during the activities.