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Sellers of condoms

room: Broadway
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Directed by Fabian Kocięcki
Scenography & costumes: Julia Ruszkowska
Music: Mikołaj Błaszczyk

Bela Berlo- Klaudia Iwańska / Wiktoria Swat
Johanan Cingerbaj- Remigiusz Fabich
Szmuel Sprol- Wojciech Kałużyński

Translated by Agnieszka Olek

For whom?
The basic assumption of the performance entitled “Sellers of condoms” is aimed at a wide audience, using topics contained in the drama, relevant at every stage of adult life. I would like to gather viewers of all ages who want to identify with the problems of the characters in Levin’s drama, such as fear, rejection, disappointment, love, doubting God’s existence, passing away.

About what?
“Sellers of condoms” is a great study of loneliness. Three heroes meet, who want to experience a feeling of closeness with another human being. However, the closer they get to know each other, the more overwhelming their inner feeling of loneliness becomes. They turn bitter and block the path to shared happiness.