Secrets of the Easter Island

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The author of the show: Ryszard Czajkowski

Easter Island – Rapa Nui, formerly known as Te Pito by the Henua, is the loneliest place on Earth. From South America, from Santiago de Chile, it is 3,700 km from Tahiti, 4050 km and the nearest inhabited island of Pitcairn is 1800 km away. But it is not just that loneliness which fascinates us. I grew up, reading books by Thor Heyerdahl. Aku Aku and Kon Tiki are the basic books of my childhood, which I learned, probably for the first time, about “ambitious” travels. Since then, such deep-focused travels have become my goal.
I want to start the presentation from a film I did 20 years ago. It turns out that since then, many views have had to change. The picture of the island and the figures of course remained. I would like to hand over fascination for the island and what it was left by the first residents of the island.