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room: Broadway

Romet Comet is a quintet performing atmospheric songs with a bit of bossa nova, spice and rock’n’roll madness. Kimba Kerner (USA), who has a deep, unique voice and a real American accent, will introduce you to the dark world of Anglo-Saxon stories.

Captivating compositions will be performed “live” by experienced instrumentalists, headed by the master of mandolin, Janusz Tytman. Funk-rock riffs and harmonies will be played by Igor Starczak on an acoustic guitar. On the other hand, “groove” will be taken care of by the rhythm section composed of: Michał Nasierowski (bass guitar) and Piotr Ciemniewski (cajon and percussion instruments).

Romet Comet is a project that was created out of love for music. It is made up of musicians who have performed together in Poland and Great Britain in recent years. Jet is a unique combination of Polish and American musical roots.

More information about the band and the band’s live recordings can be found on the band’s website:

Photo Jarosław Blusiewicz “LA BOHEME”