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instructors: Paulina Metkowska, Mateusz Metkowki
fee: PLN 140/month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Mac Gyver, 217a, 2nd floor

Educational robotics classes that are based on specially prepared Lego Education sets.
At the beginning of each class, we are going to talk about construction. We will touch upon subjects related to a given building, IT, robotics, media education. The most important part of the classes is constructing. The students work in pairs – each pair has one computer with a special software and a set of blocks. The participants know what blocks to find and how to combine them.
After we finish building according to instruction, we start programming. Lego programmes are very simple and intuitive. Children arrange appropriate icons according to a model, which then sets the construction in motion.
Then, it’s time for fun, modifying the program and expanding it. We make sure that each construction works. The aim of our classes is to finish each of the constructions so that the children are able to see and enjoy the results of their work.