Robotics/ animated film (children 7-9 years)

Our summer educational and cultural offer has been prepared by experienced animators and will be implemented in one of the most modern cultural centers in Warsaw.
Workshops take place from 10.00 am – 11.30 am and 12.00 – 1.30 pm
We provide children with the care of qualified animators from 7.30 am – 4.30 pm from Monday to Friday.
Occupational groups count 12 people. Classes are adapted to the age of the participants.
The price (180 pln) includes workshops and child care in hours. 7.30 am – 4.30 pm.
In addition, the café, offers the option of buying vouchers for dinners. Download MENU. Information: phone number: 886 325 669.

1st week

Robotics: motorization
Who and when created the first car? Children will take part in race competitions, send a helicopter on a rescue mission and check how to transport large loads with a small robot. They will learn how the wheel affects the speed of the vehicle and whether motion sensors can protect us from an accident.

Animated film workshops: feelings
Participants will learn to present and draw feelings, and learn how to work on facial expressions in an animated film. On the basis of a simple, original script, they will prepare a short storyboard and prepare original portraits or self-portraits.

2nd week

Robotics: animals
Why do we need bees? What do the frogs eat? What is the motion sensor? And how to build a frog so that it quickly escapes.

Animated film workshops: revive matter
During the workshop participants will learn how to revive and give identity to dead matter. They will make their personalized slime, give it an individual and unique character. They will tell their story about it, write a short script based on it.

3rd week

Robotics: machines
Cranes, rovers, dump trucks … Participants will find out why we work and how they help us in everyday life, find pros and cons of robotics, talk about the history and future of robots, take part in competitions and take on the role of engineers.

Animated film workshops: travels
What is praxinscope, taumatrop, zeotrop and flipbook? What is the difference between a comic book and a storyboard? Participants will create their own thaumatrops, praxinoscopes, zeotropes and flipbooks, learn the rules of stop-motion animation in the technique of cut-outs.

1st week: 25th – 29th of June, sign up and pay
2nd week: 2nd ? 6th of July sign up and pay
3rd week: 9th ? 13th of July, sign up and pay

Files to download:
1. Regulamin
2. Deklaracja uczestnictwa
3. Załącznik nr 1

Please submit a signed set of documents by the 18th of June, 2018 at the Reception.