Rio de Varsovia

In a certain provincial theater three days before the premiere … Actors are preparing for roles that are not exist … The director has incomprehensible visions that his assistant does not even follow … The director’s wife goes behind the scenes and the Music Director tries on new dresses? All these preparations are watched by the director of the Theater and his inseparable attendance – Porter, Accountant and Supervision Officer of the Scenic Program … Nothing is like it should be … But it is extremely hot, sensual and rhythmic … Everyone is waiting for the premiere of Rio de Varsovia …

The presentation is a summary of the cyclical theater and dance workshops prepared together with seniors from Mokotów District in Warsaw, that were conducted from April ? to July 2017. The classes were based on the common theater and dance improvisations, referring to the hot rhythms and climates of Rio. The result of the workshops is a documentary improvisation performance with the participation of all the participants of the project.

“Rio de Varsovia” is a project implemented by the Documentary Cooperative Association in a partnership with the Culture Centre Kadr, with the support of the Mokotów District Office.

Preparation and direction: Edyta Ganc & Ewa Gampel
Dance workshops: Rafał Matysiak
Music preparation: DJ Hiro Szyma
Film projects: Edyta Ganc