Prologue of a comedy. Scenes between poetry and the document

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A spectacle is based on fragments of a poetry written by Wisława Szymborska and by Anna Wojtyniak

Idea and realization: Zofia Bartoszewicz, Erdmute Sobaszek
Music: Zofia Bartoszewicz
Film editing: Magdalena Drozdowicz

Dear Sir, Mrs. Wiesławo and Mrs. Andziu!
We would like to present our artistic project that is inspired by the poetry of both ladies. We are in the process of creating a theater performance that is based on fragments of the poems of Lady, Mrs. Wiesławo, and the oral statements which are written by Mrs. Andziu. We kindly ask for your permission to use these passages.
You do not know each other, but your statements complement each other and become a dialogue.

Mrs Wiesławo, your partner in this dialogue, Anna Wojtyniak is an eighty-year-old resident Nowe Kawkowo – village in Warmia. You did not know poetry, but she has a similar sensitivity. She is not satisfied with the finished phrases, she does not write poems, but she creates a new language.

Mrs. Andziu, your partner in this dialogue, Wiesława Szymborska, has a similar attitude towards a reality, she can call things. She is a famous poet, you can read her poems in books. Just like you slightly finds the right words.