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Project: 3 sisters

room: Broadway
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Performance of the ART Foundation – committed inspired by the work of Antoni Chekhov.

Masha has been in an unhappy marriage since the age of seventeen.
Olga, since she works in junior high school, feels like every day, drop by drop, comes out of her life.
Irina threw herself into the whirl of work to get rid of feelings of sadness, longing and dissatisfaction.

“Project: 3 Sisters” is a range of interpersonal relationships, based on the history of the Prozorov family. The colourful and surprising kaleidoscope of events is told in dance and word. The whole is a bit of humour, drama and “Czech language”.
There is a despairing cry in the town somewhere in the east of Russia: “To Moscow!”

Choreography / Performance: Agnieszka Bednarz, Paulina Jóźwicka, Katarzyna Kostrzewa
Costumes: #RISKmadeinWarsaw
Music: collage
Duration: 45 min