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Project: 3 Sisters

room: Broadway
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?Three Sisters?, the comedy-drama of Anton Chekhov, first staged over 100 years ago, has not lost its relevance. Presents a gallery of full-blooded heroines. Women seeking meaning in life, emotional and professional fulfillment, dreaming about independence, learning about the world, adventure.
“Project: 3 Sisters” is a performance of a dance theater, inspired by A. Chekhov’s text in choreography and performance of Agnieszka Bednarz, Paulina Jóźwicka, and Katarzyna Kostrzewa.

Choreografia / Performance: Agnieszka Bednarz, Paulina Jóźwicka, Katarzyna Kostrzewa
Costumes: #RISKmadeinWarsaw
Music: collage
Duration: 45 min

The project is co-financed by the Capital City of Warsaw.